We review Sawa Restaurant & Lounge in Coral Gables

By on August 19, 2013

Looking for a Hooka Lounge In the Miami, Kendall or Coral Gables Area?

UltraLifeSocial.com has you covered as we reviewed one of Coral Gables top hookah lounges and Mediterranean restaurants.

Sawa Restaurant, which means “together” in Arabic and “tree” in Japanese, incorporates many of owner Ramzi Zahr’s favorite ideas, including serving rice in a pyramid shape to the doggie menu, but most importantly the progressive concept of westernized Middle Eastern and Japanese cuisines together under one menu. “When we developed the menu, I did not want to pretend it was authentic. It is a fusion, meant for everyone to enjoy it. Authentic dishes do not allow for creativity and tend to become boring. Sawa’s menu gives us room to grow, change things up, and keep it interesting.”

Well our perspective… their menu was quite elaborate… so elaborate we didn’t really order the food. However we selected a blue mist hookah and ordered a rum and coke and beer. Let us start by saying the rum and coke was about 80% rum and 20% coke. Personally I don’t mind but some may not find their ratio of alcohol to be desirable. At least you can’t say they go cheap on the alcohol. The hookah smoked well in the beginning but did not last long this maybe due to the high winds as we were seated at the outdoor lounges.

sawa outdoor miami

SAWA Restaurant & Lounge, is a unique, eclectic restaurant & lounge inspired by the four elements and located in the heart of the Village of Merrick Park in Coral Gables. Sawa’s unique offerings of contemporary Mediterranean and Japanese fusion dishes merge an innovative sushi menu with a memorable ensemble of tapas and entrees. Sawa’s all white and 3D art-infused interior offers diners a private and intimate dining experience while the charming garden-wrapping exterior boasts al fresco dining with breathtaking views of a large fountain and all else that Merrick Park offers. It’s the perfect chic atmosphere for you to enjoy the flavorful cuisine, hookah offerings and belly dancers. SAWA also features a posh fire lounge and cozy ice lounge to tie in with their elemental artistic theme.

sawa indoor coral gables sawa outdoor hooka miami

This place is beautiful, clean and gives a nice upscale feel without being snobbish. Mood lighting & beautiful sheet covered lounges make this a highly recommended dating spot to really connect with someone. The service was great and truly ensured we had anything and everything we needed. With belly dance performances on certain nights and a diverse menu to choose from we give Sawa a thumbs up, especially for dating.